The Novel

The scenario of TRIOMF written by Michael Raeburn and Malcolm Kohll is adaped from the novel of the same name by Marlene van Niekerk (Noma Award for African Literature, 1995) - english translation Leon de Kock.



“TRIOMF reads like the work of a South African Faulkner. We don’t have many writers of this class.”

Sunday Independent



”American readers have finally been provided with South Africa’s only world-class tragicomic novel, the kind of book that stabs at your heart while it has you rolling on the floor … van Niekerk’s greatest fictional gifts are theatrical: her impeccable ear and her ability to bring to life a family that never stops creating scenes… The Benades are history’s has-beens, but they are also one of the most outrageously entertaining families in contemporary literature.”


The White -Trash Bin of History, Rob Nixon in The New York Times Review of Books



"A tempestuous, heartbreaking, exhilarating read. "

Time Out, New York



"Van Niekerk’s chronicle of this incestuous, impoverished Afrikaans underclass is a vital and surprising novel that captures the bitter tragi-comic end-game of South African racial politics and the betrayal of a twisted dream.’

The Guardian, UK



THE WAY OF THE WOMEN - Afrikaans : AGAAT - Marlene’s second novel was published in English in 2007


"Unquestionably the most important novel since Coetzee’s DISGRACE…narrative creation of the highest order."


Patrick Denman Flanery, Times Literary Supplement.


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